Conflict Coaching

Single Session: $75

What is Conflict Coaching?
Conflict coaching is a confidential one-on-one process that helps people problem-solve their current conflict. The process allows for new insights to be gained and discusses specific skills that can be used to de-escalate the current conflict.

The conflict coach will use listening, reframing, communication techniques, and conflict resolution skills to help you better understand your current situation and help you explore which options would be best suited for resolving your conflict.

What is the process for a conflict coaching session?

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Meet and discuss the problem
  3. Clarify
  4. Brainstorm
  5. Create a plan
  6. Follow up

​What are the benefits of Conflict Coaching?

  • Talk about the issue and feel heard
  • Manage, Resolve, & Prevent conflict
  • Learn conflict resolution skills

​Conflict coaching is available via phone, video chat, or in-person. For more information contact us.